Tips Web Design Birmingham Companies Use to Make Their Lives Easier

Every webmaster desires a beautifully designed website. However, this is never achieved by many. Many designers fail because they disregard universal rules of good design. These rules, when followed a, are simple and will help you build website that you will pride in. So, what are these tips web design Birmingham companies use to make their lives easier?

They Learn the Fundamental Rules of Design

The key to web design is the text used. Therefore, a lot of emphases should be given to typography design. Be mindful of text to use in headlines and in the body of your content. Headline text should be bold and easy to scan through. They should have good contrast and be large enough. To maximize legibility of body text, use font point higher than 16. Make your lines crisp and succinct with not more than 50 characters long.

They Make Sure the Photos are of the Right Size

Web design Birmingham companies give a lot of attention to the number of pixels in their web images. This helps them have the proper sizes of photos that have the required clarity. Balancing text with the number of images is also vital.

They Pick a Solid Typeface

They pick a font that is easy to read. It should be graphic enough and may be sophisticated. A good font is fun to read for your website visitors. It may make then read more content while on it. And keep clicking.

They Pick the Right Color Palette

Picking and sticking to an appropriate colour palette is good practice. Try to be as consistent as much as you can with colours. Choosing neutral colours is preferred. But still, you can be bold and not put off anyone. You can get inspiration from other websites as well.